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Picnic web

Unofficial (unaffiliated) web interface for the online supermarket Picnic. Uses the npm library picnic-api.

Live version:



Frequently asked questions.

Why this when there is an app?

For when you don't have your phone with you but you'd still like to browse, manage your cart, etc.

I don't have a Picnic account.

You can see the products, but you'll need to login to manage your cart and account. Consider signing up and using my discount code MAAR3267 so that we both get a 5 euro discount on our orders. 😄

Something broke, what now?

Please report issues in the Github issues section or email me at

How do I run a local instance?

Clone or download the repo, run npm install in both the main directory and the ./client directory. Then open two terminals. In the first terminal open the main directory and run node app.js, and in the other terminal open the ./client directory and run npm run serve.