is a collaborative effort to map one of the most isolated countries on earth. The purpose is to discover North Korea by analysing satellite imagery and mapping everything to OpenStreetMap. Because of a lack of interest, and probably due to it being unmonetizable, other map providers (such as Google) have only mapped North Korea to a very basic level.

The map is divided into 4769 sectors at the time of writing. These sectors can be selected for editing, reviews and more. Reviews can be done by anyone who would like to, but it's encouraged to let experienced OpenStreetMap mappers do it. An OpenStreetMap account is required to edit sectors. Users can log in with the OpenStreetMap account via OAuth using the menu on the left.
The sectors are part of an iteration. The iteration system was added for the reason that once mapping starts, it will take a long time for the whole country to be completed. By the time the last sectors are done, the first sectors might be outdated. After completing the country a second iteration can be started for updates.
The application is fully dynamic, which means it can be used for any other place on earth as well. The GitHub repository can be found here.

More information can be found on the "About" page on

Featured on the weeklyOSM 464 post.