What I built

For my dissertation I went to CCV Nederland in Arnhem where I spent one semester building an application that connects the log messages of their systems into a trace for easy monitoring, auditing and debugging. Before I built the application all the millions of daily log messages that were sent out by CCV's systems were unlinked and put in one place. It was a challenge to follow an event that went through several systems to see where it ended or what it produced. When there was a problem with a device or system developers had to spent time manually tracing the events. For this reason I built an application that connects all the commands and events into one view for easy debugging, but also for monitoring and auditing.

The project consisted of two pieces of software; one application that reads all the command and event traffic on the underlying bus and a web application that displays these in a trace tree. In the trace view you could see where the events started and where they ended, all the systems and applications that it went through and what other events it was related to. I delivered a working prototype and completed my dissertation with a 9 out of 10.


Technical details

The monitoring software is built in C# and uses RabbitMq, ElasticSearch and Kibana.