I have been browsing the /r/incremental_games subreddit for a few years and decided to create a game for once as well. Since I work a lot with maps (specifically OpenStreetMap, a community maintained open map data source) I came to the conclusion that I should make something based on that, since I hadn't ever seen it yet on the subreddit. BuDongSan (부동산) is the Korean word for real estate and in this game you manage real life real estate!

Link to the game: https://mrvdh.github.io/budongsan

Payouts are done every hour by default but the game speed can be set to minutes in the settings. I would recommend taking out a loan to start subletting some property and then buy property when you can. You can buy and rent any property in the world as long as the building or address is on OpenStreetMap. To go to an area or address look it up in the search bar in the top right corner.

The game is purely front end (for now) and made with Vue.js 2. You can read more about future plans on the reddit post.

Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/incremental_games/comments/izlfk0/budongsan_%EB%B6%80%EB%8F%99%EC%82%B0_map_based_real_estate_idle_game/ (80 comments and 130 upvotes at the time of writing)
Repository: https://github.com/MRVDH/budongsan/tree/develop
Repository (GitHub Pages): https://github.com/MRVDH/budongsan

Listed on the weeklyOSM 532 post. http://weeklyosm.eu/archives/13803